Milk Order

You can purchase pasteurised, unhomgenised Frolicking Goat milk. Frolicking Goat millk has a sweet flavour and not a very strong "goaty" flavour. The milk has been pasteurised at 63°C for 30 minutes rather than 72°C plus as used by the big producers. It comes in a 1 litre plastic bottle for $5.

We sell the milk as a service and quality alternative - typically for human kids with an allergy to the A1 protein in cows milk. . We sell a litre as a Jessie/Liesel for much more money - which is, admittedly, a lot more work.

As a result of Marlee-Mae Farm closing and the imminent closure of Even' Star we are making some milk available through Food Connect.

Milk orders with us need to be prearranged. You can order some milk and it will be available for pickup at a prearranged farmers market - it will need to be prepaid. Alternatively, we can arrange a pickup at the farm.

Please note that we do not sell raw (or as it is known these days, RAW) milk. We don't have a licence for selling raw milk . We do milk to raw milk hygiene standards and the milk is extremely clean. We don't have any philosophical issues with raw milk. However, we have invested years of our life and too much money to take the risk of getting in trouble with the authorities.

There were 3 licensed raw goat milk dairies in Queensland. They are

  1. Even' Star run by Miranda Boyle. Miranda is a friend of ours and she takes great care in producing her milk. Her milk is available in Flannery's and other shops. She is at Tarampa. Miranda can be contacted on (07) 5465 8105. Closing Soon
  2. EButa run by my acquaintance Brian Venten in Townsville. I am looking forward to meeting Brian, one day.
  3. Closed! Another at the sunshine coast - Marlee-May Farm. I have been next door to them at the markets selling meat and from my observation they are highly renowned for the quality of their meat.

We urge you to only buy raw milk from licenced producers. They have made a substantial investment in obtaining their licence and and are are audited by Safe Food Queensland. Each visit by SFQ costs serious money and time. I will note, from personal, SFQ are extremely fair if you do the right thing. Each visit to the lab costs a lot of money. Each year of the SFQ fee is many litres of milk.

So avoid the backyarders selling RAW milk in second hand soft drink bottles.

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