The BBûcheûche is a classic French-style goat cheese.  The aroma is unmistakably goat cheese – in a pleasant, mouthwatering way.  The taste is complex, tangy, some fruitiness with some lingering acidity.  The paste has a creamy mouth feel.  The cheese will develop more flavours as it ages and will become drier in texture.  The French word for “log”, used as a generic name for a cheese of this shape.

The Bûche won DIAA Gold Medala gold medal at the national Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards in 2016. The Bûche was awarded the Cheetham Salt Award for the highest scoring non-bovine product  (18.33/20).

DIAA Highest Scoring Non-Bovine Award Trophy

agda-2017-finalist-website-badgeThe DIAA gold medal gave the Bûche an invitation to the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.  The Australian Grand Dairy Awards are like a  final series of the gold medal winners of the larger, prestigious dairy competition.   All of the non-bovine cheeses (i.e. goat, sheep, buffalo…) are put into 1 category irrespective of the type of cheese.  Out of those, they chose 3 cheeses to go in to the final.  The Bûche made the final!  The eventual Champion Cheese of the non-bovine category was Venus Blue from Prom Country in South Gippsland/Red Hill in Victoria.

The Bûche won a bronze at the 2017 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show (Ekka).