West End

This is our Feta-style cheese. We have chosen to give it a different name because the Greeks rightfully have the PDO certification for Feta. You can read more about this in our blog post.

The cheese is as close as we can to a Greek style Feta.

So how do we get a regional name…what is the Greek area of Brisbane? We name this cheese Frolicking Goat West End.

This cheese is vacuum packed when sold.

If you want more and would like to keep it for a longer period you can arrange to have it in plastic containers containing cheese and brine. We have previously kept some Feta for the house for over a year – it develops an incredibly rich flavour. However, you need to ensure that the cheese is kept submerged in the brine and only ever put a very clean implement into the container to fish out some cheese. Otherwise, you will contaminate the cheese and/or brine.