20 Jun

Introducing our brined white goat cheese

Peter and Lyndall have head-butted over the marketing suicide of what we name this cheese. Peter grew up in a Greek area of Sydney and has a lot of admiration and respect for the Greek people. Just think of contributions to the world such as Pythagoras’ Theorem and other mathematics, democracy, philosophy, genuine Feta…

We recently introduced our feta-style cheese at the Markets. We attempt to make the cheese as close as we can to a Greek Feta. Obviously, it can’t be the same.

So how do we get a regional name…what is the Greek area of Brisbane? We name this cheese Frolicking Goat West End.

Initially, it has been packaged as cubes brined in glass jars. We will probably be vacuum-packing it as it is often done in Australia. Larger quantities might be sold in plastic containers containing cheese and brine.

Frolicking Goat West End is available from our market stalls.